Description: Ambience Cafe Coffee House People Chatter Indoor Restraint Loop.

Description: Ambience City New York Times Square.

Description: Large Port: General Ambience: Ship Horns, Seagulls, Etc. Harbors & Beaches

Description: Street Crossing in NYC at Noon Sound Effect.

Description: Fishing Harbour Environment, Ambience, Sea-Gulls, Bird; Digiffects; Harbors & Beaches

Description: New York City, Central Park: Pedestrians, Cyclists, Birds, Wind Through Trees, Distant Traffic And City Rumble

Description: Sound of: Ambience from city street with tramways

Description: Ambience Stream Water Nature Birds Loop.

Description: Suburban Sounds of Nighttime Australia with crickets, insects, distant traffic and light breeze (24bit, 48kHz)

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