Description: Ambience Urban Birds Chirp Distant Traffic 01.

Description: Various Exterior and outside noises and sounds

Description: Children Yelling & Playing, Traffic & City Rumble Ambience City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Birds, Breeze In Trees, Lawnmower & Dog In Distance, Ambience Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Suburban Setting, Wind Through Trees, Distant Traffic, Debris, Wind Chime Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Ambience Urban Dog Bark Chain Rattle Reverb 01.

Description: Ambience Cafe Coffee House People Chatter Indoor Restraint Loop.

Description: Small Harbour Environment, Ambience, Sea Gulls, Bird; Digiffects; Harbors & Beaches

Description: Supermarket: leaving through doors onto street.