Description: Rodeo Bronco Ride Sequence, Bells, Snorts, Crowd Reaction.

Description: Tunnel Ambience, W Low Drone Reverberation From Distant Airplane.

Description: Wizard's Cave Drips; Strange Musical Watery Ambience With Occaisional Pronounced Drips.

Description: Exterior Barbecue Party Walla, Beer Cans Open And Grilling In Background.

Description: Horses; Period Town Atmosphere; Period Town Atmosphere. People, Horses, Carriages Etc.

Description: Withches Cave Ambience; Deep Stoney Surging Ambience With Diffused Low Moans And Eerie Whistles.

Description: Wizard's Cave Ambience; Very Deep Eerie Ambience With Strange Metallic Rumbles, Deep Firey Surges And Weird Tuneful 'voices' And 'whistles.

Description: Hanging Sequence, 2 Versions; Trapdoor Lever Releases Trapdoor, Body Falls, Rope Tenses; Version 1 With Swinging Rope; Version 2 Faster, No Swinging Rope.

Description: Courtroom Or Church; Large Mixed Crowd Murmurs Very Quietly In Large Wide Hall; Close To Distant Perspective.

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