Description: 19Th Century England: Horses And Carriages, Pedestrians, Church Bells Ambience Harbors & Beaches

Description: these sounds where recorded in 1997 on a sony pro 2 & vp88 at a local pig farm.

Description: Ambience, Construction, Building, Street, City ambience, House building

Description: Ambience Construction Site Vehicles 03.

Description: a shorter (0:08) synthetic gurgle/whistling noise ambiance.

Description: Rodeo Bronco Ride Sequence, Bells, Snorts, Crowd Reaction.

Description: Ambience Fireworks Crowd Cheers Production Element Imaging Element Accent Transition.

Description: background noise and chatter of congregation before church service.

Description: Western Town Ambience: Horses, Wagons, People, Dog Harbors & Beaches

Description: Ambience of a Greek harbour (Mandraki Harbour, Rhodes Town) in the morning with yachts and boats passing

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