Description: New York Street Vendor Sells Cheap Jewelry, Close Perspective. Humorous Patter. Medium Pedestrian Walla, A Few Women Ask, How Much Are They? .

Description: City Street 02, Light Activity; City Street With Distant Bell At Front, Walla, Horses Hooves On Cobbled Stone, Whinnies, Shouts Etc.

Description: Ambience Subdivision Day Birds Kids Dogs Loop.

Description: Church, Big, Calm Activity, Hum Of Voices; Digiffects; Churches

Description: Ambience Campsite Fire Crickets Birds 01.

Description: Ambience Carnival Ride Screams Kids 03.

Description: Ambience Subdivision Distant Landscaping Golf Course Lawn Mowers.

Description: Ambience Carnival Ride Screams Kids 02.

Description: Witches Cave Drips; Dripping Water In Cave, Recording From 'witches Cave' In Wookey Hole, England.

Description: Ambience Movie Theater Projection Booth Film Projector Running Loop.