Description: Ambience Restraint Cafe Coffee Shop People Chatter.

Description: 19Th Century England: Horses And Carriages, Pedestrians, Church Bells Ambience Harbors & Beaches

Description: Western Town Ambience: Horses, Wagons, People, Dog Harbors & Beaches

Description: Recording of a large library computer room with clicks, keyboards, printing, low murmurs, and walking. Great for office ambience or other quiet/work related atmospheres.

Description: Ambience Movie Theater Projection Booth Film Projector Running Loop.

Description: Wizard's Cave Ambience; Very Deep Eerie Ambience With Strange Metallic Rumbles, Deep Firey Surges And Weird Tuneful 'voices' And 'whistles.

Description: Interior: Sheep, Horses, Cows, Chickens, General Ambience Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences

Description: Water laps on dock with seagulls in background. Dock, River Water, Lapping Harbor Ambience.

Description: Ambience Carnival Kids Screams.

Description: Courtroom Or Church; Large Mixed Crowd Murmurs Very Quietly In Large Wide Hall; Close To Distant Perspective.

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