Description: Hanging Sequence, 2 Versions; Trapdoor Lever Releases Trapdoor, Body Falls, Rope Tenses; Version 1 With Swinging Rope; Version 2 Faster, No Swinging Rope.

Description: Rodeo Bronco Ride Sequence, Bells, Snorts, Crowd Reaction.

Description: Animal, Farm Cow Moo, Chickens, Rooster; Digiffects; Farm, Rural & Countryside Ambiences; Cows & Bulls; Chickens & Roosters

Description: Civil War Troop: Angry Yells; Series Of Commander Orders To Troop And Troop Response. Foot Charge With Soldiers Yells At End. Medium Close Perspective. Battle.

Description: goutte d'eau water drop in sink

Description: marching band jams during arena sporting event.

Description: Sewer Cave Drops Underground Water Drips Bubble.

Description: arena crowd yells wildly.

Description: arena crowd applauses.

Description: Sound of a busy market with sellers and crowd noise loopable for constant play. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

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