Description: Ambience Foreign Rome Italy Train Platform Crowd Walla 01.

Description: Brazil: Yanomami Tribe: Small Group Conversation, Adults, Small Child Ambience, Foreign World Ambiences, South America

Description: Ambience Foreign Florence Italy Street Pedestrians Light Traffic 01.

Description: Market Ambience: Busy Spanish Market Walla.

Description: School Classroom: Spanish Students Learn English.

Description: Italian And American Women Chatter.

Description: Japan: Buddhist Temple Bell: Spaced Hits With Distant Motor And Birds In Background; World Ambiences; Japan, Bells, Churches, Birds

Description: Ladies Talk With Strange Dialect Tienda.

Description: Troop Activity: ( Foreign ) Vietnamese Men Talk To Each Other In Jungle. Birds And Distant Planes In Background. Stereo.

Description: Crowd Japanese Yelling Sort Of Bonzai Like.