Description: Ambience Foreign London Oxford Street 01.

Description: Ambience Foreign Genoa Train Station Lobby Pedestrians 01.

Description: Ambience Foreign London Tube Station 01.

Description: Ambience Foreign London Vic Station 01.

Description: Exterior Seething Large Arab Crowd.

Description: Exterior Iranian Crowd Chatters And Claps With Some Trilling And Chatter.

Description: Walk Through Israeli Market Place, Hebrew And Arabic Merchant Walla, No Cars.

Description: Chinatown Street Walla; Two Men And Three Women Close Chinese Walla With Medium To Distant Traffic Roar And Pedestrian Movement, A Few Distant Horn Honks.

Description: Chinatown Sidewalk Market Ambience With Close To Distant Walla And Close Plastic Bag Rustle. Cart Rattle, Butcher Chops Fish In Background.

Description: Chinatown Sidewalk Walla, Close Woman And Child With Sparse Male Walla Medium. Distant Walla Movement, Traffic, And Short Siren Or Alarm.

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