Description: London, England: Airport: Int: General Ambience: Heavy Crowd, Voices, Activity, Footsteps

Description: Airport Terminal 01 stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Airport Terminal: Int: Luggage Sorting, Carousel, Light Voices; Airports

Description: Airport Terminal: Int: Lounge Area: Heavy Crowd Ambience, Voices, Dishes; Airports

Description: P.a. Announcement And Airport Traffic And Brake Squeals.

Description: New York Airport, Multi-language Walla During Wait For International Flight, Local Gate Pa.

Description: background sounds of passengers, announcements, luggage, etc.

Description: Airport, Environment, Ambience, Indoors, At Boarding Gate; Digiffects; Airports

Description: Airport Temporary Loading Zone: Exterior; “loading Zone” Announcements, Male And Female Announcers. Bus And Car Traffic, Voices, Rolling Baggage Carts, Distant Jet Overhead. Medium Perspective.

Description: The internal ambient noise an airport terminal during the daytime in Quinault, WA. Conversations and sounds of working can be heard.

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