Description: background sounds of passengers, announcements, luggage, etc.

Description: Stansted airport (England) baggage reclaim area ambience (version 2) - loud mechanical noise of carrousels/conveyor belts operating - baggage trolleys being pushed and people walk and talk in background.

Description: New York Airport, Multi-language Walla During Wait For International Flight, Local Gate Pa.

Description: Aircraft Hangar, W Various Drilling Action.

Description: Airport Background, W Propeller Planes Taking Off And Landing, Low Bys.

Description: Airport Runway; Exterior Dublin Airport Runway Atmosphere. Jets Taxiing Etc. Good Backing Track.

Description: Airport; Flight Announcements; Twa Personal Announcements.

Description: Airport; Heathrow Airport Terminal Three Cafeteria Atmosphere. Crowd Buzz, China And Cutlery Noises.

Description: Airport; Exterior Heathrow Airport Atmosphere. General Background Atmospheres And Activity With Prop Aircraft Engines.

Description: Airport; Kingston Jamaica Airport Lounge Atmosphere. Echoed Talk And Footsteps. Good For Any Large Building.

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