Description: This is a loop or a clip that grows louder with each "shake"

Description: Very simple laid out acoustic drum set at 120 bpm. Beat matched and all.

Description: Wonderful, classic rock beat. Perfectly performed on an acoustic set at 120 bpm. Beat matched and ready for use in looping.

Description: This is an acoustic kit with a snare, and a double bass thump. It is at 115 bpm, beat matched and ready for looping.

Description: Great Jungle type tom. Maxed out in rapid succession. For a flam or for a fill.

Description: Great Intro or Flam. Acoustic roll on side of snare drum plus kick at 120 bpm.

Description: Sweet sounds, 2 measures, great foundation to build on

Description: This is a 2 measure loop that consists of a clap and a couple of kicks

Description: Double Bass. With a snare crack.

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