Description: A cinematic and romantic melody.

Description: Church bell ringing in round. Many bells recorded from middle distance. Sound of celebration or festival

Description: The sound opens and closes on a loop. Can be used in different ways as a layer combined with other sounds or as is solo. Recorded with analog synthesizer Juno 106.

Description: This is a distorted electronic bass pattern. The vibe is dark and creepy, good for thriller, horror, suspence atmospheres. Recorded with Korg Triton.

Description: Bass sound constant notes on an off. Can be used as a transition, suspence moment in a film. Fade in / out as you wish. Recorded with Korg Triton.

Description: I can see this bass in an action movie like Matrix, Bourne. An escaping, chase scene. The sound is very electronic, recorded with Korg Triton keyboard.

Description: Church bells playing rounds, recorded inside the bell tower. Sounds of rope and wood creaking

Description: Church bells played - Plain Bob Doubles. Recorded inside the bell tower with sound of ropes and wood creaking

Description: Percussive Elements, World Percussion, Provided By Dexter Jones Music