Description: African Drums: Medium Group, Generic Tune, Some Vocals, Studio Recording Drum Music

Description: Church bell ringing in round. Many bells recorded from middle distance. Sound of celebration or festival

Description: Many Church Bells Ringing Bells;City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Concert Hall, Orchestra Tuning Orchestra Washes

Description: Large Church Bells: Distant Ringing Bells;City & Urban Ambiences

Description: Musical National Anthem United States Orchestra.

Description: Clock Tower Bells: Hour Chime And Toll Ten O'Clock, Close Perspective, Distant City Rumble; City & Urban Ambiences, Clocks & Timers

Description: Musical Tribal Loop Eastern Rhythm Melody Loop.

Description: Tattoo Second Post 10:00 Pm, Music Marching Bands, Military & Parade Music;Bugle Music