Description: A short Synth Riff with agressive undertones. Could be used in sci fi music. Made with a Yamaha cs70m the classic analogue synth from the early 80s.

Description: This is a classic funk, disco, dance Agogo bell riff, the kind you would find on a early 80s funk track. Also a cowbell stop riff is added to the end as a bonus. funk

Description: Classic analogue open filter synth sound from a yamaha cs70m synthesizer. A running riff from high notes to low notes, played with deep reverb in the background.

Description: These are "Latin Percussion" Agogo bells bought circa 1992. The riff is a classic funk / dance / disco riff which sounds great when applied through a deep dark reverb. That's how I used this rifff when I recorded it for a track from the album "scifi funk"

Description: Synth sound to make your woofers wobble! This single note was played on a Jupiter 6 and is am almost pure sine wave, apart from the fact that the sounds pitch falls away. sci fi

Description: Cwoink was produced on a Yamaha cs70m made circa 1981. It features a gated reverb and is an excellent filler sound between passages of music owing to its distinctive sound.

Description: This is a little end of phrase type riff, or perhaps a riff to use occasionally within a wider groove. I have used it as punctuation in Funk Music, in an album called "Scifi Funk"

Description: This is a small "Latin percussion" cowbell, bought circa 1992, played by holding it in my hand (to mute the sound) and striking it with a drum stick to give it attack. Its a simple driving rhythm that can sounds great with a long reverb.

Description: A short square wave blast produced on a jupiter 6 synthesizer. Sound features a quick (but not instant) attack, and a shh sound at the end of the blast. Could be used as a hit. Sci Fi