Description: Cwoink was produced on a Yamaha cs70m made circa 1981. It features a gated reverb and is an excellent filler sound between passages of music owing to its distinctive sound.

Description: This synth sound played on a yamaha cs70m (made circa 1981) sounds a little like a section from the theme music to Beverly hills cop to me (1986 I believe). It features a lot of quick portamento on the attack portion of the sound and is played through a top end Lexicon PCM reverb. sci fi sound

Description: This synth sound could be used for a close encounter. The alien ship has landed and as your scene pans round this sound introduces the possibility of danger. played on a Yamaha cs70m and drenched in reverb for effect.

Description: This Synth riff almost says "I'm feeling ha-ppy" as it plays out the riff and finishes with a square wave on/off type modulation. It was played on a Jupiter 6 synth circa 1983, and used portamento to finish the effect.

Description: A classic analogue rising pitch sound, the kind used in early 80s disco and funk records. This sound was played on a Yamaha cs70m and features heavy modulation, rising pitch all played through a top end Lexicon PCM Reverb

Description: A Synth Sound that could be used as an introduction to a passage of music. It was played on the classic early 80s synth the Yamaha cs70m. The sound is played twice for variation, and features heavy use of modulation with a rising pitch. Sci fi funk sound.

Description: An early 80s Synth riff, played on a yamaha cs70m synthesizer. The riff has a happy progressive feel to it, and uses modulation at the end of each phrase to give it that 80s feel. Suitable for looping.

Description: The classic Yamaha cs70m is used for this sci fi funk riff. The sound is drenched in reverb (but still the notes punch through) and uses a quick portamento for effect. Can be looped.

Description: A Yamaha cs70m analogue synth riff played with fairly quick filter sweep, two main notes then it fades out into a an "action" style synth beat.

Description: Classic analogue open filter synth sound from a yamaha cs70m synthesizer. A running riff from high notes to low notes, played with deep reverb in the background.