Description: Cymbal, Splash, Rolls, 6 Versions; Digiffects; Comedy Percussion: Cymbals

Description: Small Sleigh Bells: Continuous Rhythmic Shaking, Comedy, Cartoon Bells;Comic Noisemakers

Description: Town Strikes 12 O'Clock In Distance Bells

Description: Piano Plays Workin On The Railroad; Saloon Piano Playing Tune Very Badly, Obvious Mistakes, Very Dramatic, Strident Style. Medium.

Description: Musical Instrument Metal Singing Bowl 7 And One Half Inch G Rub Rim Wood Mallet 01.

Description: Musical Bed Arpeggio Plucked 01.

Description: Musical Instrument Tube Amp Feedback 01.

Description: Music; Classical Piano, From Down Hallway.

Description: Rock band tuning up, without crowd.

Description: Chimes, Japanese Temple; Digiffects; Comedy Percussion: Chimes; Outdoor Household & Gardening