Description: A news intro sound effect, can be used for audio and visual projects. Mostly orchestral.

Description: Music Logo; Dramatic Orchestral Film Chords, With Strings.

Description: Musical Orchestral Ascend Dramatic 01.

Description: Symphonic Hit Strings And Drum Murder Finale - More Than triple.

Description: Musical Accent Orchestral Glockenspiel Dramatic Suspenseful.

Description: Concert Hall, Orchestra Tuning Orchestra Washes

Description: Orchestra Tuning Ambience 5 - Long Symphonic Various, Light Speech.

Description: Musical Orchestra Ascend Dramatic 01.

Description: Musical Accent Orchestral Crescendo Dark Low Hits Dramatic.

Description: Orchestra Conductor Baton: Tap On Small Music Stand, Four Times, Quickly; Metal Foley, Wood, Paper & Cardboard Foley, Miscellaneous Foley Actions

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