Description: French Horns on a simple, but dramatic single note [G], suitable for a short significant moment, louder and more intense than "horn evil A".

Description: Orchestral solo Timpani on three notes on an upward cascade in a concert hall.

Description: Solo muted trumpet response to a traditional vaudeville or film comedic pratfall, slapstick, or joke, emphasizing the moment or punchline.

Description: Four Trumpets holding out a Bb concert chord.

Description: A single orchestral bass drum hit with a big low end frequency.

Description: An orchestral hall timpani roll, on one note [bass C], with an initial accent, sforzando/piano [sfzp], that crescendos up to a triple fortissimo hit, with the hall resonance sound fading thereafter.

Description: Orchestral brass holding out a final dramatic chord in E minor with slightly more intensity than "Brass Em Hold A".

Description: A trombone moving the slide down, then up in a comedic fashion.

Description: Orchestral bass drum crescendos into a hit with the crash cymbal

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