Description: Bell sound expressing a good idea, win, achieve or complete level. Useful for games or interface sounds. Short sound.

Description: Sound effect recording of a bell that's perfect to indicate a correct answer.

Description: School Bell: Int: Short Ring Bells

Description: Sound of belling small dings - icicles shines

Description: sound of a tibetian zimbel for meditation

Description: Large Church Bell: Int: Tolling, Deep Single Tone, Slow , Change Ringing; Bells, Churches

Description: sound of a desk bell being rung

Description: One shot chimes sound which can be used as button, power up, jump, alert, grab or collect besides any one shot sound effect need for games, websites, movies and videos. wav 44 Khz, 16 bit.

Description: Exterior: Large Church Bell: Single Toll Bells

Description: Sleigh Bells percussion sound effect which could be used on Jingle bells Christmas carol at 108bpm

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