Description: Ominous Church Bell Rings Bells

Description: Orchestra Bells: Idea Accent; Bell & Bell Tree Music

Description: Cowbell: Short Rhythm; Bells, Comic Noisemakers

Description: Gentle tinkling of hanging musical wind chime bells ringing in the key of C with some atmospheric ambiance creating a great background for New Age or meditative.

Description: Large Chime Ring, Percussion, Music Comic Noisemakers

Description: Clock Tower Bell Tolling Nine; Vintage Recording; Bells

Description: Small Bell Chime, Single Hit, Music, Percussion, Idea, Accent Bells;Comic Noisemakers

Description: Large Church Bells: Int: 8 Tone Ringer, Constant, Change Ringing; Bells, Churches

Description: Church Bell, Small; Digiffects; Bells; Churches; City & Urban Ambiences

Description: One shot long church bell sound which can be used as button, power up, jump, alert, grab or collect besides any one shot sound effect need for games, websites, movies and videos. wav 44 Khz, 16 bit.