Description: Versatile bell sound (light bulb) Ideal for use as an indication of a new good idea, or in games for level up, puzzle solved, bonus points collected, new level unlocked, correct answer in quiz, magical treasure chest etc. Thanks for listening!

Description: Perfect metal bell ding sound. Don't forget to check my other effects.

Description: Interesting interface sound for any your projects. Thanks for listening! Dont forget to look my other effects

Description: Interface bell sound for new message. It’s useful for all sorts of notifications: e-mail, SMS , ringtone, alarm clock alert, window opening,window closing,etc. I hope my work will be useful for you. Thanks for listening!

Description: Church bell ringing in round. Many bells recorded from middle distance. Sound of celebration or festival

Description: Church bell striking four o'clock in rural English village. Deep resonant strike

Description: Deep pitched mysterious and foreboding gong

Description: Many bells and chimes, magical sound effect

Description: Sound bell on the door. Can be used as a signal of a new message.

Description: doorbell ringing at an entrance door