Description: Heavy Metal Ammo Box: Drag Across Wooden Floor, Metal Foley, Drag, Scrape & Slide Foley

Description: Impact, Hitting Plastic Bottle With Iron Bar, Crash, 9 Versions; Digiffects; Plastic & Styrofoam Impacts

Description: Wood Scrape; Wood Board Scrape On Cement, Smooth To Rough And Gritty.

Description: Short Multiple Scrapes; High Squeal; Metal Chair Scraping Against Cement Floor; Multiple Times, Close Perspective.

Description: Metal Fan Blades, Scraped W Metal Object; From Full Speed To Dead Stop ( 3x ) .

Description: Ax Chopping Wood; Heavy Hits Of Axe Into Wood With Light Splintering And Slight Echo. Some Wood Chips Falling Onto Ground. Medium, Exterior.

Description: Sound of: metallic creaking of carpet hangers in shop

Description: A tape measure being clicked and cracked