Description: Sounds like walking through a metal tube in the future and hearing the outside noise.

Description: Park Lage Rio Janeiro, Dark Room of Punishments funds Laundry the Slave interior water dripping

Description: Banking Agency within room 7 meters Balcony environment of printer boxes bg uproar

Description: Large Las Vegas Casino ambience from an overlook position. Stereo. Electronic gambling machines and walla.

Description: Ambience from inside the famous, Bloody Tower at the Tower Of London, England. Present day with people / crowd sounds

Description: Supermarket,Drugstore checkout area with register Beeps.

Description: Another take of an old wood elevator. Different stereo micing from a previous take that has been posted. Nice stereo ambiance. Sliding wood doors on roller open and close. Travels up and then down.

Description: Agency Banking interior room Environment uproar 20-30 people

Description: Interior stereo recording of distant traffic. Medium size room. Stereo. Room tone.

Description: Fairly large open interior space with background, mostly indistinct talking and sense of movement. Male and female voices. Stereo.