Description: Crowd sounds in the entrace hall of the British National Gallery in London

Description: Ambience of the train station at Eustion, London with platform and train announcement

Description: The audience make their way back into the auditorium in London's Palace Theatre

Description: Hotel shower heard through a closed bathroom door from the bedroom

Description: The ambience of a check in terminal at an airport (Manchester, Terminal 1, England)

Description: Ambience near the departure gates at an airport (Manchester, Terminal 1, England)

Description: Ambience of the baggage collection point at a small airport (Rhodes, Greece)

Description: Tube train in London's Underground departing, followed by another one pulling in to the platform

Description: An orchestra tuning up their instruments while an audience start to fill up an auditorium

Description: Ambience from inside the Pacifico Mexican Restaurant, next door to Pineapple Dance Studios, near Covent Garden, London in the early evening

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