Description: Quiet, clean room tone with some body to it. Recorded in a hotel room but has wide use.

Description: Fairly close, dry medium busy gathering of male, female and children at a restaurant. Not much dish clatter. Lots of talking. Stereo.

Description: Another take in a series at a family restaurant. Fairly close recording of male, female and children talking, mostly indistinct. Little reverberation, Less busy then previous. Different angle. A few dish clatters.

Description: Large chamber like space with a few footsteps and sense of movement.

Description: Quiet, steady room tone, recorded live with no talking or other movement. Good for day or night.

Description: Sense of a larger room. Light but steady chatter. Med. busy. Very few dish clatters, business atmosphere. Stereo.

Description: Room tone of a large interior, resonant space with a few footsteps and slight moving about.

Description: Quiet steady room tone of a large empty hallway. No talking or movement. Stereo.

Description: Wallking through a crowded international terminal. Stereo.

Description: Boarding in a commercial airplane, Inside