Description: Not whispering but mostly indistinct, somewhat subdued walla from a courtroom/hallway setting. Just a few voices mostly male voices in a fair size room as if talking business. Stereo. Some subtle movement to add texture.

Description: Clean, steady, neutral feeling room tone. No traffic, air conditioning or movements. Live recording. High quality recording chain.

Description: Sound from within a wooden building as the earth rumbles from a tremor, landslide or earthquake.

Description: Sound within a building as it starts to crumble and fall apart with bricks, debris and glass crashing to the floor.

Description: Flush Toilet in commercial airplane

Description: Quiet room with a little movement, cloth rubbing and unobtrusive creaks. Mono. Field recording. No voices.

Description: hand dryer stopping and restarting (electric fan blower) in a public rest room toilet 120bpm

Description: Interior of a car driving and pulling up onto a path or curb/sidewalk

Description: Driving in car, parallel parking then hear the handbreak