Description: Clinical Examination, Reception, people waiting sitting bg beep electronic board indicative noise office and city

Description: Clinical Examination, Reception, doors slam, people waiting bg beep electronic board indicating, office and city

Description: Ambience from inside the Pacifico Mexican Restaurant, next door to Pineapple Dance Studios, near Covent Garden, London in the early evening

Description: General ambience inside The Chandos pub, St Martin's Lane, London, late afternoon, Summer. With voices, crowd etc

Description: Ambience from basement, hissing pipes, dripping, clanking from expansion of pipes, buzz from neon lighting, occasional rumble from passing underground train

Description: Extraordinarily quiet interior of Hallgrimskirkja, the famous church in the heart of Reykjavik.

Description: Ambience from inside the Allgauer Stuberl Resteraunt, at Schwangau, Bavaria, mid day, near Christmas, overlooked by Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles.

Description: Ambience from the baggage collection point in Menara airport, Marrakech, Morocco, mid day

Description: Ambience from inside the Temple Church, Temple, London with occasional talking and footsteps