Description: Interior, light chatting, talking, laughing, various male and female voices. Mostly young adults. Living room atmosphere. Stereo.

Description: Empty wood floor dance studio. Light air. Room tone recording. Clean. Stereo.

Description: Quiet murmur of Junior High School classroom voices. Stereo.

Description: Ambience from Rosenheimer Platz railway station in Munich, Germany. German PA announcement and train arrives, doors close and train departs

Description: Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, after midnight in the gate area waiting for a red eye flight

Description: Fairly large open interior space with background, mostly indistinct talking and sense of movement. Male and female voices. Stereo.

Description: Stereo ambience or sound effect recording of the lobby of a busy downtown corporate or business type building. An active elevator bay, footsteps, a rotating door, and the murmur of passing conversation fill the large, reverberant space made with high ceilings and marble tile.

Description: Quiet, clean room tone with some body to it. Recorded in a hotel room but has wide use.

Description: Fairly close, dry medium busy gathering of male, female and children at a restaurant. Not much dish clatter. Lots of talking. Stereo.