Description: Large convention room walla. Mostly an indistinct wash with occasional discernible voices. Stereo.

Description: Interior, light chatting, talking, laughing, various male and female voices. Mostly young adults. Living room atmosphere. Stereo.

Description: Park Lage Rio Janeiro, Cave interior environment bg out there birds too distant traffic

Description: Agency Banking boxes signal warning password 2x bg environment within uproar

Description: Sound of supermarket ambience - people, fridges, carts, cashboxes

Description: Apartment wind window bg city environment-a

Description: Agency Banking Boxes interior room environment bg printer uproar

Description: Another take in a series at a family restaurant. Fairly close recording of male, female and children talking, mostly indistinct. Little reverberation, Less busy then previous. Different angle. A few dish clatters.

Description: Quiet steady room tone of a large empty hallway. No talking or movement. Stereo.