Description: Mid-morning in a famous European produce market. Vendors and shoppers in the echoey hall.

Description: Famous European fish market mid-morning. Chopping and cutting of large fish, vendor and buyers all around.

Description: Near the entry of a busy mall late Friday afternoon. Customers passing, many voices.

Description: Extraordinarily quiet interior of Hallgrimskirkja, the famous church in the heart of Reykjavik.

Description: Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, after midnight in the gate area waiting for a red eye flight

Description: Classroom activity without voices. Clean pencil, paper, pen movements. Stereo.

Description: Clean, steady, neutral feeling room tone. No traffic, air conditioning or movements. Live recording. High quality recording chain.

Description: The feeling of people present in a room without voices or a lot of movement. Stereo. Good for those MOS shots or as a bed to lay on other effects.

Description: No dialogue. Pencil, pen, paper light shuffles. Clean. Stereo.

Description: Sound from within a wooden building as the earth rumbles from a tremor, landslide or earthquake.

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