Description: General Railyard Ambience: Locomotives Shunting Cars, Train Bells, Rumble Bells;Trains

Description: Punch Press, Machine, Big, Automatic, Long; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools

Description: Steel Mill: General Ambience: Crane Moving And Dropping Scrap Metal, Distant Activity; Industries & Factories, Engines, Motors & Machines, Factory & Industrial Equipment, Metal Impacts

Description: Service Bay Ambience: Air Guns, Ventilation, Light Voices Gas & Service Station

Description: Large Electric Engine: Idle, Throttle Up, Run, Throttle Down Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Excavation: General Ambience, Heavy Machinery Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: an industrial ambiance sound. a heavy machinery hum with the rattle of pipes in the background.

Description: Small Factory Ambience Industries & Factories

Description: Construction Site Atmosphere; Atmosphere From Top Of Construction Site. Building Activity With Traffic Background.

Description: Construction Background 1; Construction Ambience; Foreman Walla / Earth movers / Cranes / Sheet Metal Clunks / Airplane Flies Over Head / Table Saw / Hammering / Trowel In Cement, Medium To Distant Perspective.