Description: Short medium to hi pitch wheel squeaks from a wheel barrow. Good for many rickety movements of carts, rotating machinery, etc.

Description: Industrial branch grinder. Close and distant field recording.

Description: Version 3 of an antique mantel clock ticking. Close. Recorded in stereo. Clean. Good tone.

Description: Nice, fat, mantel clock ticks. Version two. Recorded in stereo. Close. Clean. Metal in wood enclosure.

Description: Nice, fat , mantel clock ticks. Wood enclosure. Close. Clean. Recorded in stereo.

Description: Great old elevator. Sliding wood doors open/close. Going down, stop, then going up. Detailed interior sound. Full stereo.

Description: Close, clean very small servo motor whirrs. Nice tone. Start, run, off. Good for robotics. Credit card receipt mechanism recorded in stereo.

Description: ATM paper money dispenser. Characteristic shuttling sound. Close. Mono.

Description: Cash machine dispensing money automatically. Mono.

Description: Human powered, wood lithograph frame in action with set down motions and lever action.

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