Description: Sewing Machine, Old, Manual, Version 1, Tools; Digiffects; Miscellaneous Industry, Machinery & Tools

Description: This is the sound of mechanical machine

Description: Pile driving work - jack-hammer - stereo - Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Running, Construction Heavy & Construction Equipment

Description: Large Metal Factory Machinery: Run, Grinding Metal, 3 Takes, Factory & Industrial Equipment, Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Air Conditioner, On, Running, Off, Safari; Digiffects; Large Household Appliances

Description: Sound of working bizarre machine - ancient wooden weaver machine

Description: Heavy Mechanical Mechanism: Start, Run, Factory Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Brewery Plant: Bottling Line: Bottles Passing On Conveyor Belt, Factory Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Pile Driver: Working On Construction Site Heavy & Construction Equipment