Description: Close up field recording on pile driver in action. Stereo.

Description: Big machine clicks on and winds up.

Description: Large servo motor starts up, runs then shuts off.

Description: Big rhythmic machine with pistons. Stereo

Description: Factory conveyor belt consisting of metal rollers. Close up. Mono. Also can double as tank treads.

Description: Rhythmic big antique motor. Gears turning. Pistons chugging. Stereo. Live recording.

Description: 1910 Cushman. Rhythmic. Stereo.

Description: Close on the rhythmic exhaust of a vintage 1949 engine slowly sputtering. Stereo.

Description: Active churning cylinders of a 1922 Fairbanks Morris engine. Stereo

Description: Hissing pumping of a rhythmic piston on a 1912 engine. Stereo.

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