Description: Large Belt Driven Industrial Fan: Start, Run, Shut Off, Heavy Whine And Build Up At Start; Air, Gases & Steam, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Electric Wire Polishing Wheel: Start, Polish Object, Shut Off; Engines, Motors & Machines, Other Power Tools

Description: Steel Mill: General Factory Ambience And Machinery Noise Industries & Factories

Description: Coffee Plant, Factory, Packaging, Machine, Signal, Beep, Machines, Industry; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Cage Hoist Elevator Control: Large Pulley And Cable System Hoisting Cage, Buzzer Signals And Breaker Switches, Mine Buzzers;Signals;Air, Gases & Steam

Description: Large Grain Dryer: Grain Intake Conveyor, Running; Engines, Motors & Machines, Farm Equipment

Description: Cutter Board, Machine, Big, Close, Idle, On, Off, 5 Versions; Digiffects; Other Power Tools

Description: Large Pneumatic Conveyor: Moving Sheets Of Sheet Metal; Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Assembly Line: Robotics Line: Single Machine Servo, Factory, Industry Industries & Factories