Description: Servo Latch From Robocop Ride.

Description: Cotton Mill Atmosphere; Interior Cotton Mill Atmosphere. Heavy Clacking Machinery.

Description: Hydraulic Notcher Meter Clunk On, Run, Wind Down.

Description: Construction Site Atmosphere; Atmosphere From Top Of Construction Site. Building Activity With Traffic Background.

Description: Servo Big Start With Click To End Wind Down.

Description: Construction Background 1; Construction Ambience; Foreman Walla / Earth movers / Cranes / Sheet Metal Clunks / Airplane Flies Over Head / Table Saw / Hammering / Trowel In Cement, Medium To Distant Perspective.

Description: Factory Machine; Loud Metal Clanking With Scrape, Switch On Machine, Slow Metal Pounding Growing In Speed, Chain Movement With Heavy Pounding. No Buzz Or Hum. Close-up.

Description: Robot Cooking Class; Sequence With Servos, Clicks,.

Description: Quarry; Quarry Atmosphere. Many Bulldozers, Trucks And Dump Trucks At Work In Long Shot, Mid Shot And Close Shot.