Description: Heavy Machinery, Light Voices Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: Antique Diesel Gas Powered Motor: 6Hp: Start, Run At Various Speeds, Shut Off; Air, Gases & Steam, Engines, Motors & Machines

Description: Industrial Environment, Ambience, Heavy Industry; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Excavator work - stereo. Recorded with high end stereo broadcast equipment.

Description: Constant Rhythmic Pounding Industries & Factories

Description: Large Aircraft Factory: 737 Assembly Ambience, Wing Riveting Industries & Factories

Description: Large Aircraft Factory: 737 Assembly Ambience Industries & Factories

Description: Building Demolition: Large Front End Digger: Working Around Demolition Site, Cleaning Debris, Heavy Crashing, Bucket Hits; Construction & Demolition Ambiences, Heavy & Construction Equipment

Description: Building Demolition: Heavy Machinery: Tearing At Building; Construction & Demolition Ambiences, Building, Elevator & Ceiling Crashes, Heavy & Construction Equipment

Description: Auto Wrecking Yard: Lifter Loading Car Into Hydraulic Press, Puncture And Manipulate Car, Crush Car In Press Two Times; Industries & Factories, Metal Impacts, Factory & Industrial Equipment