Description: Moviola; Moviola Running Dialogue.

Description: Water Wheel; Water Wheel; Water Spilling / Wooden Clunks / Occasional Squeaks, Close Perspective.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Switches On With Electric Zap And Buzz. Machine Hum Constant, Whirling Quality Rising In Pitch To Steady And Big Switch Off With High Tone Hum Constant, Light Fluttering And Switch Off. Close-up.

Description: Small Diesel Engine; Sputter / Idle / Revs, Medium Perspective.

Description: Moviola; Moviola Running. Various Lengths.

Description: Robotic Assembly Line; Assembly Line; Motor / Fan Noise, Mechanical Movement In Foreground, Close Perspective.

Description: Stone Crusher; Stone Crusher At Work. Motor Noise With Stones Clanking Around.

Description: Rhythmic Mechanical Sequence, W Low Metallic Impact, Constant Squeaks.

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