Description: Industrial Machine Hydraulic Press x3.

Description: Engine; Wave Tunnel Motor Run Steady, Hum.

Description: Hydraulic Notcher Meter Clunk On, Run, Wind Down.

Description: Generator; Large Motor Run With Clanks And Hum, Long Trail Off.

Description: Crane Motor Movement, Steady, Cu Overhead Perspective.

Description: Shock Fire; Warning Beeps, Heavy Power Surge And Whoosh.

Description: MACHINES - CONSTRUCTION & FACTORY GENERATOR: INT: Motor idle, low high end whistle, movement towards end.

Description: Crane Motor Movement, Steady, Cu Perspective, Various Takes.

Description: Machine; Machine Running. Constant Clack-clack Could Be A Printing Machine.

Description: Hydraulic Door; Hydraulically Driven Door Open / Close Two Times, Close Perspective.