Description: Quarry; Quarry Atmosphere. Many Earth Movers At Work In Long Shot, Mid Shot And Close Shot. Wider Perspective.

Description: Industry Construction Ambience Demolish House 01.

Description: Factory Background; Loud Machine Hum / Wash, Reverberant. Distant Metal Clanks And Hits—light Chain Clanks With Low Pounding In Distance. Medium.

Description: INDUSTRY 1940S 1 CYLINDER LISTER ENGINE: Water pump, motor in background.

Description: Industry Construction Ambience Building House Hammers Saws.

Description: INDUSTRY 1940S 1 CYLINDER LISTER ENGINE: Engine one cylinder lister c. 1940, constant run, motor only.

Description: Factory; Factory Atmosphere. Pipes Clanging With Guillotine Heavy Chonks Now And Then And Some Voices.

Description: Welding, Various Actions.

Description: Factory Background; Steam / Pressure Air Release. Fast Metal Clanks, Distant. Constant Metal Clanks, Hammering Fast, Machine Rumble And Run On Assembly. Gets Much Louder / Closer Toward End. Close-up.

Description: A varied collection of British European birds singing and flying perfectly looping for a continuous nature ambiance.

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