Description: Starloader Crane In Shipyard Long Beach.

Description: Petroleum Plant Machine Hum and Whine.

Description: Moviola; Moviola Running Dialogue.

Description: Metallic Gears Turning, Cu Perspective, W Rope And Cable Squeaks.

Description: Water Wheel; Water Wheel; Water Spilling / Wooden Clunks / Occasional Squeaks, Close Perspective.

Description: Metal Clunks Higher Pitch.

Description: Small Diesel Engine; Sputter / Idle / Revs, Medium Perspective.

Description: Factory Background; Steam / Pressure Air Release. Fast Metal Clanks, Distant. Constant Metal Clanks, Hammering Fast, Machine Rumble And Run On Assembly. Gets Much Louder / Closer Toward End. Close-up.

Description: Moviola; Moviola Running. Various Lengths.

Description: Robotic Assembly Line; Assembly Line; Motor / Fan Noise, Mechanical Movement In Foreground, Close Perspective.

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