Description: Windmill Electric Generating Group; Steady Distant.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Switches On With High-pitched Metal Squeaks And Clicks, Runs, Hum In Background, Loud Switch Off, Slow Wind-down. Medium, Some Echo.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Hum Constant With Distant Metal Drops And Low Rumble Noise. Medium.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Turns On. Quick Rise In Hum With Whirl And Metal Squeaks, Run. Small Click, Turn Off, Wind-down With Squeaks And Small Clanks, Buzz In Background. Close-up.

Description: Coins Into Vending Machine, W Handle Pull And Mechanical Activity.

Description: Frantic Robot; Aggressive Multiple Servo Motors.

Description: Factory Machine; Machine Switches On, Low Hum With Small Metal Knocking—false Start. Second Switch On, Hum With Low Frequency Wind-down. Constant Hum And Buzz With Low Whirling And Squeaks. Shuts Off With Squeaks, Hum Out Squeaks And Knocks Only. Clos.

Description: Shop vacuum sucking up wood particles on table. Industrial, Vacuum Vacuum, Industrial Motor, Vacuum.

Description: Machine, Rhythmic; Pumping Watery Machine Increases Rhythm And Intensity, Climaxes And Subsides More Quickly Than 16-1 ( Dental Water Pic ).

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