Description: Steam Lifter: Heavy Steam Powered Wheel Turning, Heavy Steam Releases, Chain Winch Pulling; Air, Gases & Steam, Engines, Motors & Machines, Winches & Pulleys

Description: Industry Grill Water Splash Sizzle Cook Restaurant.

Description: Evacuation Motor; Switch On, Run Steady, High Choppy Hum Vacuum Cu.

Description: Active, churning, puffing rhythmic large old mining machine. Early 20th century. Stereo.

Description: Experimental Synthesizer Sound

Description: Sound of Excavator working.Suitable for games, theatre, films, presentation and many more!

Description: Sound of: assembling metal pieces at factory - looping

Description: Rotary Toppers the gasoline and 2 stroke oil steel knives close accelerated engine cutting grass and weeds high end slows

Description: Machine Sawing Disk, use Machine Workers, Start, run, stop the first plane bg hangar workshop

Description: Electric, Running Winches & Pulleys

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