Description: Indistinct Factory Floor Ambience- No Vox Whining Machinery.

Description: Semi-distant Power Generating Plant, Night-time.

Description: Dark Factory Ambience, Reverent Distant Machines And Impacts.

Description: Industrial Boiler Room Ambience, With 1000 Gallon Boiler.

Description: Industrial Ambience; Truck Loading Bay. Close To Distant Truck Idles, Movement, Air Brake Hiss P.a. Announcers Male And Female Medium Distant Doors Open And Close. Truck Back-up Beeps Medium Perspective.

Description: Warehouse Exterior Ambience; Close Generator Idle, Close To Medium Truck Idles, Bys. Medium Perspective Movement; Wood And Metal Clatter And Clunks, Doors Open And Close, Air Brake Hisses. Busy.

Description: Jack Hammer, Close Perspective With City Reverberation. Traffic With Honks Medium Distant.

Description: Jack Hammer, Medium Perspective With City Reverberation. Traffic With A Few Honks Medium Distant. Steady Jack Hammer With Only Very Short Pauses.

Description: Jack Hammer, Medium Distant Perspective With Bouncy, Slightly Confined Sound Like Around A Corner Or Interior Open Window Point Of View. With Medium Distant Honks And Truck Rev.

Description: Jack Hammer, Medium Perspective On A Bridge Above With Deeper Knocking Vibrations Than Tracks 100901, 02, And 03. Almost Constant Hammering.