Description: Industrial Environment, Ambience, Heavy Industry; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Large Industrial Factory: General Ambience: Light Roar, Forklift, Machinery Industries & Factories

Description: Heavy Jackhammer, Some Trucks, Medium Perspective Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: Quarry, Environment, Ambience, Rocks And Gravel; Digiffects; Industries & Factories

Description: Antique Sawmill: General Ambience: Machinery And Worker Activity; Industries & Factories, Engines, Motors & Machines, Factory & Industrial Equipment

Description: Automatic No Touch Car Wash: Int: Wash Only; Car Wash, Factory & Industrial Equipment, Industries & Factories

Description: Junk Yard Ambience: Hammering, Heavy Equipment Industries & Factories

Description: Town Street, With Activity, Version 1; Town Street, Morning, With Doors Opened And Closed, Distant Carpenter ( 1; 31 ), Occ. Footsteps And Indecypherable Chatter, Bird Song Especially Wood Pigeon And Lig.

Description: Indoor Television Studio: Set Construction, General Ambience, Voices, Tv Construction & Demolition Ambiences

Description: Hammering, Traffic, Voices, Birds Ambience Construction & Demolition Ambiences