Description: Pump house regulating water pressure, gushing water under pressure

Description: Metallic rhythmic clanking whirring cogs, pistons and wheels. Factory machine ambience

Description: Steam engine driven pump. Hissing and chuffing of pistons, turning and whiting of machinery

Description: Large heavy metal iron gate or portcullis opening. Clunks at the rusty cogs and gears start to move, scrapes and squeals of metal against metal and then a clunks as the doors come to rest. Steam punk cinematic heightened feel.

Description: Heavy stone gears and wheels of enormous infernal machine or some devilish, orcish weapon of war. Grinding and turning stone rhythmical and loop ready.

Description: Low industrial rhythmically throbbing drone. Large electro mechanical device, power generator or space ship engine

Description: Water flowing through metal pipe, hissing of water under pressure, distant gurgling and dripping of water

Description: Steam in pipes, hissing and whining. Boiler room industrial ambience

Description: Gentle humming of turbines in power station or sci fi background ambience of spaceship

Description: Gentle humming and whirring of turbine in power station or sci fi background ambience of spaceship

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