Description: School Auditorium: Entering With Teachers, Ambience Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Schoolyard: Playing And Yelling, Ambience, Playground Schools & Playgrounds

Description: Bathtub, Filling, Bathroom, Water; Digiffects; Cleaning; Bathroom

Description: Processed moans and groans made to sound creepy and scary.

Description: Taking A Bath, Washing, Bathroom; Digiffects; Bathroom; Cleaning

Description: Brushing Teeth, Environment From Adjoining Room, Bathroom; Digiffects, Ambience; Bathroom

Description: BABY TWELVE MONTH OLD GIRL: INT: Crying & screaming, bathroom echo, off mic.

Description: School Children Chatter at end of lesson - Secondary kids in class general chatter with music room practice background

Description: A small choir warming up in a college auditorium Part 3.