Description: A low male voice announces "Funky Little Dudes" in a slightly comical way. Can be used in sci fi, funk etc. Sample consists of 4 x "funky little dudes" with a slightly different emphasis each time, plus another phrase at the end. sci fi funk

Description: vocoder sound of a male voice age approx 30 saying "humanoids" four times. Useful for sci fi sci fi funk

Description: I believe from memory that this was sampled on a vintage Ensoniq Mirage sampler circa 1986. The chord is full of dissonance, and so can fit across a number of other chords. It can be used in yer face or as I prefer in the background to make a menacing sci fi type backdrop.

Description: Huh? is a male voice transposed one octave down. The style of the voice sample is reminiscent of those late seventies / early eighties soul / funk / rap voice tracks. sci fi funk