Description: Sipping and gulping wine or other liquid from glass, very close recording

Description: Voice People Crowd Group Small Angry Walla Talk Pseudo Language Small Crowd Talking Angrily

Description: Body Human Eat Food Cereals Crunch Eating Cereals

Description: Human Sneezes, Heavy Breathing, Deep Breathing, Vomit; Digiffects; Coughs, Sighs, Sneezes, Snores, Snorts, Wheezes & Yawns

Description: Laughter, Medium, Group, 3 Versions, Human; Digiffects; Laughter

Description: Punch, 8 Versions; Digiffects; Human Impact Foley

Description: The Long And Winded Road, Cartoon, Comedy Comedy Farts

Description: Child, Boy, Out Of Breath, Says Oh Boy Male Only Human Voices;Breathing, Gasping & Panting

Description: Man Falling Down On Wooden Floor, Human; Digiffects; Human Impact Foley

Description: Baby or small child crying and whining